Happy Friday print fam. It’s almost the weekend, do something fun this weekend. I’m waiting for some shirts to show up so I can get the last few shirts done for an order. The customer also ended up ordering aprons and I had a few on hand so it was a win. It always takes forever when you’re waiting for the shipper to show up. It’s like watching paint dry or water boil. The aprons are stain-resistant and I was worried the transfers wouldn’t stick well. They worked great. While pressing shirts, you can some times get a dark area or burned look. That’s from the garment heating up. As long as you didn’t overheat the garment, it will go away. If you had too much heat, it will be permanent. It’s most common with 100% poly shirts.

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00:00 Happy Friday
03:46 Pressing screen printed transfers on aprons
04:05 How the transfers look
05:25 Color burn after heat pressing
06:55 Plastisol transfers on shirts
08:34 Time to call it
09:45 I’m avoiding work
10:00 Questions?
10:20 Patreon exclusive content

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